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We offer Property Managment in Abilene, Texas and the Surrounding Areas


1.  25+ years Property Management experience in the Abilene, Texas area including multifamily, residential and commercial.

2.  We offer a specialized service with efficient communication being top priority.

3.  Technologically advanced to minimize vacancy time-

     A.  Cutting edge software that that we can access from anywhere-including iphone & ipad.  This enables us to be more efficient and gives us an edge over our competition.  Tenants are able to make online payments for rents and owners can receive online transfers of their funds.  Again, this efficiency adds to the value of our service.

     B.  Abililty to communicate in any realm with owners, tenants and prospects- We utilize text, email, phone or face to face communication that allows us to maintain those critical relationships that we consider top priority.

     C.  Advertising for the way today's consumer wants information.  We make a point of thoroughly marketing even our rentals to the fullest with multiple pictures.  We feel that we have a strong advantage over our competitors who we can't help but notice sometimes don't even bother to put pictures of their properties online.  Are You Serious?!  It is all about priorities to maintain high occupancy.  Vacancy kills profits in this business!

     D.  We use numerous forms of advertising that do not cost the owners anything!  The Multiple Listing Service that we use puts your property at the fingertips of all real estate professionals in Abilene as well as feeds to numerous consumer websites such as Realtor.com, Hotpads.com, Zillow.com plus dozens of others.  We also list our residential properties with military housing and commercial properties with Loopnet.  We also use upscale signage with direction to our website where prospective tenants will find photos.  This attracts attention to your property.

4.  We use the Texas Association of REALTORS® lease forms which are written according to Texas Law and updated regularly.  If you are not using comprehensive contracts that are updated regularly by attorneys, you are at risk as a landlord. 

5.  We stay current on laws and trends.  We are committed to staying educated and up with current events which requires a substantial investment in time and money.  If you don't have the time to do this, you need to have someone on your team that does.  There is too much liability in this business not to take it seriously!

     We believe in what we do so much, that we have our own money tied up in our specialty- Real Estate!  While other investments flounder, real estate has shown that it is a steady and proven method of becoming wealthy.  Having a local, experienced, and motivated management company on your side increases your chances of success while freeing you up to find other investments or just enjoy lilfe!

     If you have property in Taylor County or would like to begin looking for property and would like to team up with real estate experts who are share an interest (for us its actually a passion) in investment property, you have come to the right place.

     We look forward to hearing from you!!

     Judy, Tammy, Courtney, and Whitney

     Abilene, Texas Property Management Team






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